Find the Right Flavor for Every Mood

Find the Right Flavor for Every Mood

Browse our selection of e-liquids in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking to try something new? Native Vapes has a dizzying variety of e-liquids for you to sample and enjoy. We’re constantly on the hunt for the most unique and delicious flavors of vape juice. Whether you’re chasing big clouds or looking for a great way to relax, you’ll find the products you need at our local lounge. We carry e-liquids by leading brands like:
  • Audio Fog
  • One Hit Wonder
  • Solo
  • Gemini
  • Shijin
  • Cuttwood
  • Bulldog
  • Unbridled

Choose your flavor and relax

After you’ve selected a yummy new e-liquid, feel free to kick back in our comfortable vaping lounge. We have couches, TVs and movies – everything you need to feel right at home and enjoy the vaping experience.

What mood are you in? Come to our Charlotte, NC shop today to browse our sensational selection of e-liquids!

E-Liquid Brands

  • Audiofog
  • Baja Bro
  • Barry Fluffman by OAKSHIRE TRADING CO.
  • Bazooka Vape
  • Bulldog Vapor (Bazooka Sour Straws)
  • Chubby Bubble Vapes
  • Cinnabomb Vapors
  • Coastal Clouds Premium Vapor
  • Coil Glaze
  • Confection Vape
  • Cuttwood "The Sauce Boss"
  • Dead President E-Liquid
  • Dripwhich by Marlin Steam Co.
  • Element e-Liquid
  • Exalted Vapors
  • Gemini Vapors by Phillip Rocke
  • Glas Vapor
  • Hometown Hero Vapor
  • InvaZion Liquids
  • Jam Monster Liquids
  • Kingdom Elixir
  • Melange by Known Distro
  • Mt Baker Vapor
  • nktr & nktr SOUR by SQN Vapor
  • Propaganda E-Liquid
  • Savage E-Liquid
  • Shijin Vapor
  • Snow Wolf
  • Solo E-Liquid
  • Southern Shade
  • Steam Cycle
  • Strawberry Crunch
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Unbridled
  • Vapor Vandals (VNDLS)
  • Villain Vapors
  • Wierdos Creamery